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Landscape Elements Services

Located in Williamsburg Virginia, Landscape Elements is a state licensed class A Contractor with specialties in paver patios, landscape design, masonry, and irrigation.

Owner Kevin Martin is involved in every project from design to installation.  He has 15 years experience in the field and a lifetime of passion for gardening and stonework.  Partner and wife Cynthia heads the support staff, handling Office Administration and is often the friendly voice you will first hear on the telephone.

Landscape Elements is a small enough business to give customers attention to detail, yet large enough to handle almost any residential or commercial project.  We have built most of our business on referrals from satisfied customers.  Designing to fit your needs is our target, exceeding your expectations is what we aim for.

We also work with several Home Builders, Certified Landscape Designers and Home Improvement Contractors in the area.

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Flagstone Patios – Flagstone Patios are a Landscape Elements specialty. Thick or Thin slabs of stone are used for flagging or paving walks & patios. Generally fine-grained sandstone, bluestone, quartzite or slate although other stones may be used. Usually irregular shapes, but also available cut into rectangles and squares. Edges can be rounded through process known as tumbling. Can be masonry (mortared,) or can be “dry laid” over a compacted gravel base, with “polymeric” sand joints. (Polymeric sand hardens through a wetting process.)

Brick Paver Patios & Sidewalks – Here in Williamsburg we have built several “old style” sidewalks and patios using clay paving bricks, similar to those old sidewalks in Colonial Williamsburg. More common and durable for the 21st Century we use brick “pavers” which are actually made of concrete. They are available in many colors, shapes, textures and sizes. They are extremely durable and can be used for driveways as well as patios and sidewalks. Retaining walls can be constructed of the exact same color as well.

Design Planting – Landscape Elements brings many years of plant experience in the field as well as generous helpings of artistic and practical design capabilities. The best designs have come about through careful listening to customer preferences during an interview process. We stress proper garden bed preparation and plant choice for plantings that thrive.

Retaining Walls are generally installed in gardens and across landscapes to keep the soil in place and to create level terraces on which to garden. They can also be a decorative feature or practical, such as keeping mulch in place. In order to make our walls last a lifetime, we pay special attention to drainage, foundation and preparation. Walls are built over compacted gravel foundations, backfilled with drainage gravel, and fabric, to keep soil from washing through as well as allowing water to pass through. Larger walls will also have perforated drainpipes and outlets.

Landscape Edging is a part of the landscape design that helps keep things neat. We have installed all types but prefer stone, brick, or “paver” edgestones.

River Rock is great for addressing surface drainage issues, in addition to or in place of underground drainpipe and drainboxes. Often used for erosion-prone areas. A “dry streambed” can add interest to almost any landscaping project – from retaining walls to edging to garden bed definition. River rock, usually round, is typically available in tans or grays, with other color accents, and ranges in size from 2 inches to 12 inches. We also love to decorate landscapes with boulders.

Stacked Stone Walls – Natural stone walls may be free-standing, two-sided decorative walls, or retaining walls constructed from a variety of types of stone. Stones can be thick, thin, or mixed. Walls can be “dry stacked”, but usually are mortared in place to add strength and longevity. The same techniques for drainage are used as in retaining walls above.

Stairs & Sidewalks – Using natural stone for stairs and sidewalks is also a Landscape Elements specialty. We can use a variety of different stone to complement your outdoor living space. We also construct stairs and sidewalks from brick, pavers, and timbers.

Stone Veneer is a decorative facing material which is not meant to be load bearing. It is usually applied over other building materials, to “blend in” with existing landscape elements of your home, such as a flagstone patio. Usually applied over reinforced concrete block wall, with a “capstone,” for retaining walls

Water Gardens are one of the most attractive kinds of gardens, bringing more life into the garden. Aside from the plants around it, a variety of flowering and interesting plants can be enjoyed in a water garden. The fish swimming around a water garden’s pond makes it lively and fun. The sound of water flowing is relaxing and often becomes a focal point.

Irrigation – We are certified installers of backflow prevention devices and service many systems in Williamsburg. We try to maximize each zones potential so the customer gets value with the job. We also recommend “Water Smart” techniques in customer use as well as prefer “drip” irrigation for plants and trees. We offer repairs and additions as well.

Landscape Lighting – Lighting can add a whole new dimension to your landscape and home. Whether lighting a walk for safety or accenting a dramatic tree, lighting is another area where the artists touch from Landscape Elements shines. The new technology available in lighting is brighter, longer lasting and an impressive addition to any property.

Drainage & Grading – We pay particular attention to both these issues when working on any property. We offer full service grading for new properties or renovating older ones, and we have solved problem areas for many properties. We also install drainpipes for gutters and infiltration (or “French”) drains.