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Advantages of LED landscape lighting

LED landscaping lights

LED landscaping lights can accept color filters, so you can decorate for holidays and seasons. Shown is one of many kinds of outdoor lamps.

LED landscape lighting is more energy efficient

Traditional halogen lights can use between 10 and 50 watts each — sometimes more. LED requires about 80% less voltage. You pay less for energy, get a longer lamp life, and are a better citizen of the world when you use LED.

Outdoor LED lights significantly reduce heat output

Traditional lighting fixtures get so hot that you can’t handle them, even after just a few moments. LED lights also create heat, but far less. The result? Your lamps and fixtures last longer.

Landscape Elements uses lamps with heat sinks and temperature sensors. If a fixture does get too hot, the main board will reduce current so that your fixture cools down.

LEDs last longer

Depending on how and where they’re used, LEDs can last 50,000 hours. Plus, they don’t just burn out. LEDs become dimmer over time, so they’ll continue to provide service even when they’re ready to be replaced.

Landscape Elements would love to answer your questions about LED lights. Just give us a call at 757.741.2416 and we can tell you more about the top-quality products we use.